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City of Tracy
Brand Identity &
Communication Materials

Bercu Design teamed with marketing consultant Kristin Lee Swenson of Kreativz to develop the brand identity for the City of Tracy, located in the triangular intersection of three major interstates and California cities. The tagline, “Think Inside the Triangle™” and Tracy’s rich history of agriculture influenced the logo art. Susan Bercu’s iconic illustrations of Tracy’s surrounding hills and tilled earth in mirroring triangles, express the city’s concern for sustainability as it strategically builds for a rapidly growing population.

Tracy’s brand is distinguished in the business card's die-cut triangle. In addition to the primary business papers, Susan designed letterhead for the police and fire departments and the Grand Theater incorporating existing proprietary logos. Tracy’s ongoing strong brand presence includes website, ads, communication materials, flags, exhibit banners, government vehicles, and a Tracy favorite—the water tank.

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City of Tracy brand identity  


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