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Marin County Community Development Agency
20-Year Countywide Plan
Brand Identity &
Communication Materials

An illustrated brand identity for each of the three complex elements of the Countywide Plan tells an abbreviated pictorial “story.” With planning for sustainable communities as the overarching theme, each element describes benefits to the environment, economy, and social equity. Susan Bercu developed the concepts and created original art: a main illustration for each element, accompanied by a border of simple icons. A single masthead representing Mt. Tamalpais and the hills of Marin County unifies the elements. The modular structure of the brand identity is adaptable to a wide range of materials created by Bercu Design, including the 700-page Full Countywide Plan, the Appendix, Executive Summary, the “Marin Farm Families: Stories & Recipes” book and a poster/brochure.

See Poster/Brochure.
See Marin Farm Families: Stories & Recipes.

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Marin Countywide Plan brand identity  


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